Public sector and authorities

€ 117m

Taxes paid on our 2019 operations

Umicore aims to increase understanding of our technologies and contribute to the discourse on materials-related issues. In 2019 our efforts to foster contacts with public authorities worldwide, coordinated by the Government Affairs department, focused primarily on North America, China and Europe, where efforts centered on three main topics: resource efficiency, including waste and raw materials policies and ongoing developments for a Circular Economy in the EU; advanced materials as a key enabler for low carbon technologies; and material technologies for the purification of exhaust gases from combustion engines. Our initiatives also include access to EU and national government funding and innovation networks, particularly programs that support the development of breakthrough technologies with environmental benefits. Umicore experts are often invited as members of working groups and panels initiated by European or national authorities. Umicore is also a member of the Knowledge and Innovation Community on Raw Materials, a consortium of over 100 partners addressing the accessibility, availability and efficient use of raw materials in Europe. Umicore is mindful of the sensitivity of taking positions on issues of public interest and has developed guidelines to do so responsibly through the industry groups to which we are affiliated. Umicore paid € 117 million in taxes on our 2019 operations and with our employees contributed € 102 million in social security payments. Umicore periodically enters partnerships with public institutions such as universities with the primary aim of furthering research projects. Partnerships and research grants are occasionally contracted with public organizations. As a matter of policy, Umicore does not make donations to political parties or organization.

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